Sunday, 17 May 2009

Street Fighter revisited

Disappointed at the fact i've had no chance to play street figther 4 since it's release due to the expense of modern consoles and computer games. After looking back a bunch of unfinished work from years ago i began trying to finish a bunch of street fighter based stuff. Here's some of it still unfinished but there should be more to come.


  1. these are fantastic! when i was a kid i used to secretly play street fighter all of the time at a friend's house because my parents wouldn't let me play video games. i would have loved playing with your characters much more though! i like the new heading on the blog too. hope to see more stuff, and have fun in barcelona! xx

  2. These are fecking awesome!

    sorry for late reply - can you believe the chinese government banned blogger as well!

    Things are ok - I so almost had the job of concept artist at a video game company for my arrival back in UK - but they had a change in schedule and can't hire me until 2010 -__- so gotta make new plans now!

    up to much yourself? What about aib alumni? you going?

  3. Really love these Stew!! Fantastico!!! They make me want to play...but I dont have any of them :(